motomedia bluetooth advertising services


Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication and can be used to pass information to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones.

Bluetooth is an excellent protocol for wireless communication because it's capable of transmitting data at nearly 1MB/s, while consuming 1/100th of the power of Wi-Fi.

There are no charges for delivering a message using Bluetooth unlike using SMS text messaging.


Bluetooth is a fantastic resource but not all Bluetooth mobiles have it enabled. People must be made aware that they are to switch on their Bluetooth in order to receive information.

This is where Motomedia comes into its own - we use graphics and digital media to tell shoppers and the public to activate their Bluetooth, allowing our client's message to be reinforced and successfully delivered to mobile devices.

Bluetooth can be used to deliver a variety of information. This can include mp3s, video clips, images, textual information, redeemable offers and barcodes. Further to this it is possible to send Java applications which might contain a gallery, a calendar of events or even a game. Bluetooth downloads can be prepared by Motomedia to tie in with any advertising campaign.

» message reinforced and delivered to hundreds of phones using Bluetooth.
» delivery of message is completely free.
» it is possible to send large files such as audio and video remarkably quickly.
» send custom Java applications.
» special offers can be sent via Bluetooth and stored on mobiles for redemption in shops.

animated el panel - this, flat and bendable!
motomedia Mini with EL panels


Motomedia has pioneered electrolumisescent (EL) panel vehicle wraps, a paper thin light source that backlights your marketing campaign. The images above are E.L. panel in action - the panels are paper thin and totally bendable.

With a fleet of Minis equipped with external EL panels, we can deliver location specific mobile advertising overlaid with Bluetooth. EL technology is the perfect solution to bring animation and attention to any outdoor campaigns.